Au service de votre santé, à la polyclinique Errachid, à votre disposition, à votre équipe de médecins, chirurgiens, techniciens, infirmiers et autres professionnels de la santé, 24h / 24 et 7j / 7.

This place to a hospitality hospitaliere of high quality, grâce à une expertise multidisciplinaire et performante, mais aussi à un processus d'amélioration continue de nous suivre depuis notre ouverture en mai 2011.



  • Are you expecting a child? Welcome your little baby to a high quality maternity service and one of the best neonatology units in Tunisia: Maternity & Neonatology service at the Errachid Polyclinic.

    We open our doors to all future mothers to offer them the most favorable conditions for an easy and safe childbirth. We also provide you with a neonatology service equipped with the latest generation equipment to offer the best care for your babies.

  • Whether you need urgent surgery or simply want to benefit from appropriate aesthetic care, do not hesitate to call on the expertise of surgeons at the Errachid Polyclinic.

    Rely on experienced health professionals who will put all their know-how at your service to succeed in your surgical operations. Opt also for an irreproachable quality of service with advantageous prices.

  • Offer yourself an adapted care and a personalized medical support throughout your medical intervention at the Errachid Polyclinic!

    Whether you need a practitioner in cardiology, internal medicine, gastroenterology, rheumatology, pediatric or other, look no further and welcome to the medical service of the Errachid Polyclinic!