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Errachid Polyclinic, reference polyclinic on the governorate of Sfax

Located in Sfax a few kilometers from Sfax Thyna airport, the Errachid Polyclinic opens its doors 24/7 to offer you the best of its health services based on the deepest human values.

In operation since 2011, we support our patients with versatile medical skills to meet all their medical and surgical treatment needs.

At the Errachid Polyclinic, hundreds of doctors, anesthetists, midwives, nurses and many other health professionals are at your service to guarantee you optimal conditions of care, safety and healing.

Errachid Polyclinic, the best compromise between Quality, Service and Price

All the human and material resources at the Errachid Polyclinic are at your service to contribute, as much as possible, to your care and recovery.

In fact, we combine our professional skills with the latest technology in order to offer our patients the best hospital, ambulatory and emergency care services.

The patient, being at the heart of our concerns, will enjoy a service that meets its expectations on all levels and with a better quality/price ratio.

Errachid Polyclinic, the only clinic equipped with Sterrad 100Nx sterilization machine in Africa

As part of a continuous improvement process and responding to an effective policy of quality and risk management, the Errachid Polyclinic ensures compliance with the most stringent security measures.

To do this, the Sfaxian polyclinic, located at the beginning of the Lafran road, equipped itself with a Sterrad 100Nx machine, a high-performance machine for sterilization, to be the only polyclinic in Africa to obtain one.

The new technology is not the only one at the service of safety and risk management within the Errachid Polyclinic, specialized committees are also created for this purpose. Indeed the CLIN, CLUD and CSTH committees are responsible for ensuring the safety of our patients, staff and the hospital environment.